Computer turns off randomly PSU and GPU Problem

my computer will randomly shut off when i play a game, it does not happen at a specific time, i could just be on the starting screen, or like half and hour into the game before it shuts off. It started after i installed the planetside 2 beta and updated my drivers for my graphics card. Now it happens when I play almost every game, and it does not five me any kind of bsod it just turns off like it was unplugged. I think it may be from my PSU, a Cooler Master 600w power, it supplies 12v at 18amps but my gtx 560 ti says it needs 12v at 30amps? There are two cables that go to the gpu, are those both 18amps each, which would be 36amps total, or are they combined 18amps? I have had this computer for 10 months and this just now started a couple days ago. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Sorry if somebody already asked this question. :)

My system:
Asus P8Z68-V
8gb of 1333mhz ram
Gigabyte 1gb Gtx 560 ti
Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600w (
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    Did you try rolling back your drivers? That would've been the first thing I tried.
  2. I tried that it still shuts down randomly, but I think it might only be for planet side 2 beta, I will have to try starting up some other games to see if they also shutdown. Planet side 2 beta shuts down my computer every time I press that play button, the times it happend with other games it would be completly random. Thanks for replying so quickly.
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  4. Problem is fixed, I rolled back my drivers and now it happens a lot less often (to the point where it does not bother me) and it only happens for sure every time I run Planetside 2 beta, but its a beta so what can you expect? thanks
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