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I'm going to go with a homebuild kit, but I'm not knowledgeable enough about components. I'm guessing this is asked all the time. It seems like a lot to ask, but many people seem to like to comment on what looks good.
I'd like go get decent components- not the best, necessarily, but of good value. I don't play games, not a power user, and don't need anything exotic. I do like to have many browser tabs open, and ~6-8 'normal user' programs. 8G ram may be overkill, but maybe not. 1T HD should be plenty. (!) I'm going to try Win8.
If someone could point out a machine or two on Tiger Direct, (and list anything major that may be missing), OR, if you're ambitions, list actual components, I'd be very appreciative.
So - what do you think your grandfather might like???
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    Your basically just after a machine that can browse the internet and run office programs? You wont need anything expensive for that, could get something along those lines for something like $500 (US).
    My take on things
    a8, 5600k - faster desktop rendering than HD2500 and more cpu power to boot
    8GB ram - because ram is cheap and with 53 chrome tabs and 3 apps, i run out of 6gb ram
    1.5TB HDD 7200k - not green because want faster boot speed and offers a good price per gigabyte
    CX430W - reliable and 80+ Bronze
    Feel free to edit off my list =)
    Missing the OS, Case and Optical drive
  3. Thanks, Stick! I'm looking at it now. 53 tabs? I'm not THAT bad! ;>
  4. Haha just can't seem to reduce it by much =P
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