Gtx 560 1gb superclocked vs. gtx 560 2gb superclocked

Hi guys, I'm in the market for a new graphics card, and am trying to decide between the gtx 560 1gb superclocked,

and the 2gb version.

There is only a 15$ difference, so which do you guys think I should go with?
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    I Would go for one of these two cards
    they are the 2 and 1gb versions of the 7850, and it is a stronger card, it will beat it in every game essentially. Those 560's should be a lot cheaper. Also no matter what you choose 1gb and 2gb versions of cards don't make that much difference right now, and they basically perform the same. But soon a lot of games will eat 2gb ram pretty fast. But I have had no trouble with 1gb ram on my 560ti.
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