Suggestions on new PC please all comments welcome

Hi everyone I am new to the forms and wanted to know what you think my PC can handle and if its a good gaming PC. I'm pretty new to gaming PCS but my Friend been showing me how to build them and been reading for hours about just PCS in general so I think I learned a lot so built my rig off what I know. I will be playing on a Samsung 120hz 1080p 23in monitor and plan on maxing every game out on ultra. I play mostly shooters love BF3, assassins creed, gta, MOH, and few others like crisis (plan on crisis 3), witcher 2, hitman ect. SO pretty much can I max anything out with this set up? ok heres the rig and thanks for your comments:

Maingear f131 z77 SS
Asus maximus V gene
OC i5 3570k water cooled and OC to about 4.5 ghz
maingear 120 supercooler
8gb ram @1600 DDR3 (might get 16gb)
MSI GTX 680 2gb lightning edition
60gb ssd accelerator (I have 120gb in my alt-15, a maingear laptop, and is useless really all games are on external so 60gb just for OS and like steam maybe a game or 2 should be plenty. I mean of course not useless anything on it is stupid fast but I don't need that much room.)
2TB Seagate @7200
850 watt corsair gaming gold power supply (850 psu because I plan to sli 2 gtx680s so need the power.)
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  1. One GTX 680 is already enough to power all of your games on Ultra at 1080p w/ 4xAA at 77FPS and 0xAA at 110FPS. Unless you're going to be doing 3D gaming, 120FPS and 60FPS won't be much of a difference since the human eye can only see 60FPS scientifically!!

    you can also save $75 on your mobo if you go for the Asus P8Z77-V LK which unless you really need the extras will run basically the same

    also for gaming, you don't need more than 8GB as of now, you can always upgrade later!
  2. I was planning only 8 gb my mobo has 2 extra slots so I can out extra later. Thanks for response. And its from maingear so only can pick certain mobos. And pumped to get 680 never seen games ran on ultra.
  3. I have a 120hz monitor and the difference is crazy!! Scientifically or not, do not listen to the other guy in that regard. You can see a difference even in the mouse cursor moving across the screen. I no longer get headaches after a couple hours also.
  4. ah, well if you homebuilt.. you can always save $$!
    I checked with iBuyPower and such and figured I'd be saving $1000 on my new rig :D

    also, unless you plan on running games w/ 2+ monitors, there's not really any need for SLI 680's...... yet

    also a word of advice for overclocking, don't do it the day you get your PC! I'd run everything at stock for maybe a month or so to make sure its all working properly because overclocking your components will void their warranty and i7s/680s don't come cheap ):
  5. I think he meant the fps of the game not a monitor
  6. I've found that monitor response time makes a larger difference in judder than refresh rates. Its just that usually 120Hz monitors have faster response times and better picture quality. However, if you had the exact same two monitors side by side with 2ms response times and were asked to see which was 120Hz.. you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.. especially if you don't have exact 20/20 vision

    Here's a little discussion on it:

    but yes, if you SLI 680s you will get around 200FPS on BF3 max everything.
  7. Thats what I thought I wont need to sli for a long time because even crysis 3 released the requirements for ultra and says single gtx 680 and that not an OC version. And yeah I know good amount of info about tvs so monitors really arent to different except for higher then 1080p resolutions but soon super hd tvs are coming out so more money to spend. Thanks for responses guys
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