MSI890fxagd70 vishera 6300


i keep gettin a BSOD even if ireinstall windows i have 850 watt power supply 4 gig stick of ram 1tb hard drive i flashed the bios to the newest version
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  1. does the board have a black socket? only AM3 boards with the black socket are ready for anything past Phenom II
  2. I talked to msi they said it could handle it aslong as i flashed the bios
  3. MSI have white CPU sockets not Black cpu sockets
  4. my mistake yes it has a white cpu socket but i cheked my msi 990fxgd80v2 specs sheet it has a black cpu socket
  5. have you flashed the BIOS already?

    you need to do that b4 it will recognise the processor
  6. why the hell wouldnt it support it since they have the bios out to allow suuport
  7. yes i flashed it
    MSI mainboard with black socket to show AM3+
    Some manufacturers have AM3+ support to some of their AM3 motherboards via a simple BIOS upgrade.Mechanical compatibility is there and it's possible for AM3+ CPUs to fit in AM3 boards, provided they can supply enough peak current. Another issue is the use of the sideband temperature sensor interface for reading the temperature from the CPU. Therefore, some CPU PWM fan pins may only run at full speed. Also, certain power-saving features may not work, due to lack of support for rapid VCore switching. *Note* that use of AM3+ CPUs in AM3 boards is not officially supported by AMD.
  9. i guess im gonna have o put the phenom back in the board and buy another 990fx
  10. FF error and NO Display after reinstalling Phenom 955 everythings hooked up correctly i even cleared cmos
  11. Are you sure no video card problems? Ssme thing happened to me with a 9 Series chipset, they do not play nice with some Nvidia cards so try a 15 dollar AMD card to test
  12. no the board readout is flashing FF the video card is fine
  13. FF means usually PSU problem. What are your psu specs?
  14. AM3 Phenom 955 i was trying t put a AM3+ CPU in a AM3 board tghen found out well i cant do i tried to put the Phenom back in the board well i did that reset the cmos and everthing.....well on th board readout its FF and NO display
  15. sending it to RMA hopefully everythin works out
  16. I suggest sending your PSU in if that is still under warranty as well. Hope that works out for you :)
  17. well wasnt the board just took the cpu out........2 pins on the corner of the cpu bent still sending the board into get looked at though
  18. Ok, well I think you found your problem. That may have messed with the contacts in the socket as well so good move getting that checked. If they do not replace it then I suggest going for a 990FX board as an upgrade anyways because Piledriver is optimized for 9 series chipsets
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