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Hi, I'm after some help on the HDMI sound connection from my Packard Bell iMedia S2870 to a 32 inch LCD TV. I'm running windows 7 64 bit.

The HDMI sound works, but only for device sounds. In the volume mixer the application sounds is always empty no matter what media / application sounds are playing. Intel display media is displayed at the top of the dialogue box.

When I change to the Speaker output, then I am able to play all of the running application sounds. Realtek high definition audio is listed at the top of the dialogue box.

I've tried updating Intel drivers and no luck- any help would be really appreciated!
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  1. I'm not sure i got you problem, but windows can only handle one audio output device at a time and that's the one set as the standard output device in control panel. So, if you are saying you need to switch the output device from Realtek to Intel HDMI to hear the sound on you TV, that's right.
  2. Hello, in a nut shell- I can't play any music / media sound. I can play all the test pings but nothing that I'd want to play on a TV.
  3. In control panel / sounds, do you see the bars moving next to selected playback device when you play music?
  4. Hi, no bars moving I'm afraid. Apart from when the computer plays system sounds.

    When I play music through the speaker selection- then the bars move and there is sound output.
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