Suitable 2GB Graphics Card for AMD Athlon II

Need Suitable 2GB Graphics Card......

My System Configurations.....
1) AMD Athlon II Processor
2) Gigabyte MotherBoard ( S Series MA74GMT - S2 )
3) 500GB Hard Disk
4) 2 GB RAM
5) 250W SMPS (230V/50Hz)

Pls Help Me Out....

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  1. Is this system a prebuilt (like a Dell or Lenovo)?.
    Does it have a normal or slim case?
    Only low end cards will run from a 250 Watt powersupply, if you want a decent gaming card you will need to upgrade the powersupply as well.
  2. No sir.... its Assembled..... I don wanna change ma pc configurations.... Jus need Suitable graphics Card for ma Desktop PC... :)
  3. We still need a lot more information, what do you want to do with this PC, What resolution is your monitor, and just because I am curious, why do you have a 250Watt PSU if you built it yourself, that is the biggest thing that will limit your choices when it comes to graphics cards?
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