System keeps crashing

I have been having issues for quite a long time with my system crashing.
When I originally had the issue I did the following.

1. have 2 gfx cards, so tried removing each one and running on 1 card for a while
2. bought a psu tester, which showed my psu was fine
3. tried removing RAM sticks

no.3 seemed to solve the issue, with 2 of the sticks removed, I didn't have any crashes for a while, so I got them replaced and didn't have any issues for a few months.
But now the crashing has returned.

I have run the windows memory test and that passes, so I left memtest running over the weekend, and that crashed. So not sure if this means there is memory issue or not.
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  1. You need to list your system specs; board model number, ram make, power supply, etc.
  2. Hi,
    all my RAM is the same make/model, so shouldn't be mismatched.
    how do I run my ram at 2T command rate ?

    Here is my system info reported using SIW
  3. have you tried cleaning all your fans(CPU, graphics card, and Power Supply) in your PC...people overlooked this assuming computers themselves. Try air-in-a-can and blow out the fans. Next, defrag, clean your registry and history. Crashes don't always come from hardware, it might be something you're not doing or not compatible to your PC.
  4. yes I regularly hoover out all the dust and crap.
    If it crashed from memtest as well, I think that rules out windows/registry problems?
  5. vacuums create static electricity. I would use cotton swabs and canned air.

    the older 775 motherboards used ( i think ) 2.0/2.2 volt memory sticks. And I think I remember when populating all 4 slots I had to slightly bump the voltage just a tiny hair. Have you tried nudging it a little ?
  6. do i need to put the voltage up or down ?
  7. up. but very, very small increments.

    if it's running at 1.8 ( which is what it said in the link you provided ) make it 1.85 and go from there.

    you'll have to check the BIOS and see what it is at now. only you will know that.

    but if it's running at less that 1.8 make it run at 1.8. see what happens.

    are there any markings on the memory ? ( the sticker )
  8. I have checked the bios and I do not see any option to change voltage for memory, only cpu.
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