Cant get files onto 6600.........Please help

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Hi to all

OK I have installed MA-620 Infrared device , the drivers are upto date
When I plug in the device I hear a sound from the PC this tells me it has
recognised the device.
When I activate my Nokia 6600 to infrared and place it in front of the
I get a icon in the bottom right of the screen to show my that the
"connection" has been made.
Then I get a small message that says"There is another computer nearby Nokia

When I click on the IR icon it opens a box which I then can copy files from
the device
If I tri to copy say a .txt file it copies to my phone, so I do know that
IR device is working with the phone.

The problem I have is what ever "file manager" software I use it will not
recognise the phone.
I have tried "PC File Manager, MobiMB Mobile Media Browser, 6600 Handset
Manager and
PC Suite for Nokia 6600, both demos,cracked and even "proper" versions
They all seem to try to "connect to" the phone but cant.

All the software does work I have used them before.
The only difference is that I was using XP Pro (sp1) and now I am using
XP Pro (sp2).

I have no more IR devices working I have even disabled "firewalls and
spyware" ect

Please help

Thank you
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I have the same phone. PC suite for Nokia seems to work fine for me,
    using the file transfer via infrared.
    Do you get error messages when you try to transfer files?

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