No crossfire option in ccc!

I have a amd a10-5800k apu that im trying to crossfire with an asus hd6670 gpu ddr5. I am using biostar hi-fi a85w mobo. I have about exhausted all options and cannot for the life of me get crossfire option to show up in CCC. it only shows AMD overdrive, and cpu power. I see both of them enabled under device manager. They show up on gpu-z as well, just not crossfired. I have individually installed and reinstalled latest drivers for both and matched them. I have enabled surround view, and matched the memory on my integrated graphics to 1 gig. What gives? I have spent hours and to no avail. Help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you
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  1. Looking at Pg 18 of your motherboard manual, what's the "Driver DVD Chipset Driver" that you're supposed to install?

    -Wolf sends
  2. All I see is on pg.19 not 18, is STEP 3: Install DVD chipset driver, and reboot the system. I believe they are referring to the DVD ATI chipset driver on the CD, in which I have.
  3. pg 18 displays the compatibility for the apu's, in which mine qualifies.
  4. Well, the downloaded PDF shows it as Pg 18.

    If you followed those steps and it's not working, then it's probably time to open a ticket with Biostar; unless someone else here has specific knowledge of / experience with this issue.

    Sorry I can't be more help.

    -Wolf sends
  5. I appreciate you trying to help. I still think it is user error, although it may be a possibility this mobo is not working as it should. If anyone else can chime in that has knowledge hybrid crossfiring I would appreciate it. Wolfshadw, once again I appreciate your help.
  6. did you install the graphics card after using the a-10 for a while? if you add the extra card after you have install the CCC driver on your a-10 crossfire will not show up. You need to do a fresh install of both GPU's. On my cousins a-8 with a asus mobo i had this problem. I had to uninstall the card physically from the board then uninstall the CCC driver restart, then install graphics card, and then power on your system reinstall CCC crossfire should be there now.

    you need the APU to show up as a new hardware device power down install the GPU power up and then reinstall CCC.

    How ever if you did a fresh build with out using the a-10 first before install of the extra card then this obviously does not apply to you.
  7. Yeah I installed both but I will be willing to go another go and post my results. Can you post a step by step here? That way im making sure I do everything correctly and I don't miss a step. As far as uninstalling which drivers first, what things to do in the bios in sequence, etc. Thanks!
  8. Okay so if you did not set the bios option before you installed the first time then I could see why you are having this problem. however if you are absolutely sure you set the bios option before installing CCC the first time then I would start to think there is something wrong with your board. Do you remember if you changed the dual view setting before installing any drivers?

    Also the GPU is installed into PCI Express lane one correct? Its the one closer to the CPU.

    If you did installed CCC with the wrong bios setting or in the wrong lane then I think if you follow the uninstall process we can get it to work.

    Uninstall CCC driver then turn your machine off remove the GPU. Power up and verify that the APU is showing up as a new hardware device and then power down. Reinstall you GPU in lane one. Power up into bios make sure dual view is selected and save the setting. Start up your computer APU and GPU should both be new hardware devices install CCC. It should work now.

    Also you need the catalyst profile download as well to have dual graphics work.

    Let me know if this has helped.

  9. Well I did everything you told me to, word for word and still a no go. Shows both under display drivers, just no crossfire option. Sigh, I think I have to exchange back my apu and graphics card. :(
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    i would suspect the mother board not the GPU or APU. Bummer when things dont work good luck!
  11. you think its the motherboard even though its brand new and is crossfire compatible? It sucks because it is an FM2 socket.... ugh
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  13. the reason it isn't working is because the a-10k is using the DDR3 ram of the computer, and the video card is using DDR5 ram. The video card needs to have the same ram as the mobo, in other words DDR3
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