HIS HD Radeon 6850 making noise.

Today I turned on my computer, that I have had for about 10 months, and for the first time I heard a horrible grinding kind of sound coming from my 6850 graphics card. I was freaking out so I immediately shut it down through Windows and rebooted about 5 minutes later. When I turned it on I heard no noise coming from it and right now I don't hear any noise also. So my question is how do I deal with this noise problem? I am thinking of cleaning it out with a duster but I'm afraid I will break it if I take it out of my computer. Should I try to clean it first or go straight to trying to RMA it? Also, do I have to unplug the computer if I take out my graphics card?

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  1. I would definitely try to remove the card and clean it before trying an RMA process.


    -Wolf sends
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