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December 4, 2012 12:45:39 PM

My amd rig the game works flawless, my dads intel rig i built a while ago the damn game just wont load, drivers are all up to date, specs are good nothing wrong there hardware all working fine, Tried changing aspect ratio deleting folders and all the things people were posting to get there game working, and nothing.

Now people were saying change the "instance0" folder to READ only, the problem is that folder isnt there i re downloaded the game 3 times its never there, so i downloaded the demo that installed fine but again the folder wasnt there, double clicked and the demo loaded fine. then looked back in the fifa folder and "instance0" was there in the demo files. so i cant do anything to that file until first load. Then would be pointless because game is working.

Tried copy files from my folders and replace on my dads, didnt work. so i put my hardrive in my dads rig give it a few mins for my windows to adjust to new hardware,signed in to my dads account and re-downloaded fifa double clicked all my games they all worked fine even sleeping dogs ran sweet, when game was downloaded and ready to play double clicked.... Nothing. Put my dads hdd into my rig game works fine !
Put my card into my dads just to rule out my dads card dne the drivers still dont work.

by now me and my mate had spent 2 days trying to get this game to work so yeh we frustrated. weve ruled out my dads.. windows 7 (reinstalled twice).
Re-ran directx
Game install
graphics card
whatever this problem is its a big 1. Is it possible the game is not liking certain chipsets on mobos ? if anyone has anything to offer please leave a reply would be much appreciated. thx guys

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