my computer stops boot up @ press f1 for setup or f2 to continue. how do i get the computer to boot windows without having to press f2?

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  1. What exactly is the error that you see in the post screen?
  2. no error -it just won't boot up windows unless i press f2 to continue
  3. How did you know that you should press F2 then?
  4. the bootup screen says press f2 to coninue. if i don't press it, it just stays on the screen & won't boot up
  5. I think there should've been some message before that. The most common that I saw from old systems was a floppy drive failure. Check the post screen for error messages and cues.
  6. you were right. floppy disk fail message. i went in & disabled it & now it boots up fine....thank you
  7. Ok. No problem. :)
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