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Hey all,

I am anxiously awaiting the launch of the Surface Pro with 8 Pro. I've already got approval from my boss to use it as my work PC. I was just wondering if there is a setting in windows 8 that would enable logging on to a domain wirelessly. I looked online and found a registry hack that connects to a specified wireless network before logon for Windows 7, which i suppose might work in 8. So if anyone has done it or knows if it can be done, id appreciate any input, thanks.
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  1. in my shop we simply join the device to the domain, you need domain admin credentials to do so. Do you have domain admin rights, or can you get then to join your device. does you workplace support byod?
  2. Oh im sorry i forgot to mention im on the IT staff, i do have the necessary creds. So what your saying is once i login locally while at work, join my surface to the domain and wireless network, then once restarted it should let me logon to the domain on the wireless network?
  3. Regular domain users can add computers to the domain. Up to 10 computers.
  4. I had the same issue where the wireless didn't connect before logon. I used these steps to login a domain user on a wireless only device.

    Connect to your corporate wireless connection using the local account, then join the Windows 8 device to your domain. Then, connect to it with Remote Desktop from another computer using the domain credentials you want cached on the device. After a successful login, you will be able to login on the device locally.

    This works because it doesn't completely end the local account session, so the wireless stays connected while logging on with the domain account. Hope this helps!
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