Can I use this Graphics Card?

Can I buy and install this graphics card without any problems?

Graphics card;

Please let me know!
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  1. yes, but you might want a better card, that one is pretty weak.
  2. I have about £80-£90, could you tell me a decent card that can play almost any game?

    Also does my motherboard support PCI-E?
  3. your motherboard supports pci-e 2.0 x16 which is good for all graphics cards. for 90 pounds (roughly 115 dollars us) you could probly get a amd 7750, or a gtx 650(non ti) or a gtx 550ti. which would be a big improvement over that gpu
  4. Could you give me some links?

    And also, I noticed they are 1gb, is that a big matter in performance?
  5. £90 = $144 USD. For that price you can get a 7770 and cover shipping / taxes, a GTX 650 Ti for $150 USD or a 7850 1gb for $165 USD.
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