Whats the best graphics card for this pc

i am looking to buy a graphics card for my pc and this is the specification of it...

operating system...windows 7- 32bit
cpu...amd athlon 11x4 64
ram...2 gb single channel ddr2 267mhz
motherboard...asrock n68c-s ucc
grapics...256mb Geforce 7025/nforce 630a (asrock)
hardrive 932gb hitachi
audio VIA high definition audio

i would like to buy a 1gb graphics card if my pc can cope with it...

can you help me please...
thank you
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  1. The Graphics card's memory capacity has almost nothing to do with its performance.
    Depending on your PC's power supply, the best card it can handle can be anything from this one

    to this one

    But you really need to give us your power supply's brand and model.
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