Gtx 650 ti vs. gtx 560 ti

Is this new card any better than the one I have now? This is more about taking advantage of the free Assassins Creed 3 voucher and that it's a shorter length that fits my 10 year old case
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  1. I would suggest against getting the 650 ti.. it would be a downgrade for you. The power consumption might be the only plus side. You will see a lot performance loss and driver issues going to this card. If I were you I would just buy the game..heheh... if that's what you're after...
  2. The GTX 650 Ti was designed to replace the GTX 550 Ti and is much slower than your GTX 560 Ti. ARNOLDLOUIE is completely right.

    560 Ti vs 650 Ti The 560 Ti dominates in every single benchmark except DX11.

    Here you see the 560 Ti is roughly 12% faster overall. You wouldn't "see" an increase in performance until you get around the GTX 570, Radeon 7870 or GTX 660.
  3. Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but this guy is completely overstating it.

    A 560 can be got cheaper and even your own chart, the difference is 2%, which is insignificant.

    Even 12% increase is 6 or 7 FPS max. That is not "dominates".

    The 650ti has twice as many cuda cores, supports modelling acceleration (5 series doesn't), supports a much larger resolution (due to dual link) and is a pretty close to the same speed in games. Oh, and it uses up to 100W less in power under load.

    These are facts that are true now as they were in October.

    The OP will see a massive difference if he or she uses gpu acceleration, can avoid having to buy a new PSU as well, uses multiple screens at high resolutions (for 2D). Any game that can play on the 560Ti will play on the 650Ti.
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