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I am in eastern Canada and am building a non-gaming system for my brother. I prefer to support our local Computer tech shops so am purchasing these parts locally instead of sites such as Newegg, NCIX etc. and realize they are more expensive doing so. Now, onto the parts that I think will work for this build. All are current Canadian prices here.
Motherboard: Asus F2A55-MLK-$77
CPU: AMD FM2 A8-5600K-$118
RAM: G-Skill Ripjaws 8GB(2x4gb) 1600Mhz-$42
Power Supply: Antec BP550Plus-$79
Sound Card: Asus Xoner DG 5.1-$39
Hard Drive: W.D. 500GB Blue-$69
Case: CoolerMaster Elite 310-$39
Optical: LG DVD-RW-$23
I have a legit Win 7-64bit O.S. disc to use and he doesn't game so no need for a video card, just the on-board graphics are good enough for now. Also, he's a musician and records his tunes and then edits the tracks (he has all of his software programs to install to Win 7 when I finish building it).
Is this a viable build for him or what other suggestions would you good folks choose? I thank you all.
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  1. I would not get a sound card. Motherboards usually have a pretty good one built in. Use the saved money to get an A10.

    I would aim for 1866 or faster ram. Faster ram wont speed up the cpu, but I hear it makes a big difference for the built in gpu.

    Should be good for his needs. It's an ok build even if you don't do the above.
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