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Ok im doing a new build and so far i have the cpu, cpu cooler , video card, ram and psu installed .. i did a test boot and everything seems fine , it reads the memory , the processor, but i have a question about the video card, should the video card post on the boot up test ( the video card is a xfx r7870).. i tried to plug the hdmi into the video card and got nothing, i plug it into the onboard hdmi card and the boot up screen shows... Do i have to install the drivers for the video card to work and post on the boot up... i dont have any speakers hooked up nor did i hook up anything with the speakers.. so i dont hear a beep at all...

Coolermaster Storm Trooper
I7 3770k
P8Z77-V Deluxe
Xfx R7870 graphic card
1300W Rosewill Psu
32Gb Gskill Ares

These are the only things installed as of right now... im also adding a samsung 830 256gb ssd and an intel 330 240GB ssd
should i just continue on with the build or stop and do some checks.. with the graphic card, it needs 2 6 pin connectors, now on my my rosewill psu it comes with to pcie cords now on each of they they have the regular pcie and one for sli (ready), do i plug the sli ready that is connected to the one pcie into the video card? or do i plug in both of the regular pcie connectors? just double checking.. i plugged in both pcie connectors...

Thanks for your help
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  1. oh yeah im using an hdmi cable.. should i use a dvi to hdmi and im doing it on a sanyo 38 inch hd lcd tv...
  2. Hey I figured it out...Soooominor.. my Card wasnt plugged in all the way!! Womp womp! Wooomp! at first i took it out and made sure it wasnt the slot... and it starte in the other slot then i took it out and put it in the first one again and it worked!... now its time for the ssd, and hdd, and the WIRES!!!! AWWWWW
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    Glad you figured it out! Have fun with your new rig!
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