Crossfire bottleneck?

I'm building a windows 8 computer. I have a hd 7770 already and I have two options. Buy another 7770 but use a g630 processor. Or get an I5 instead. Would 7770 crossfire be bottlenecked by g630? What would you rather get?
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  1. I don't think that it would bottlneck. If it does you could get the 7770, and then when you get enough money buy a new cpu, if there is a bottleneck. The problem is, it is really hard to tell if something will bottleneck without owning it first.
  2. Agree with lt_dan_zsu. You can upgrade to i5 later. Just buy another 7770 now.
  3. I think I'm gonna go ahead and get the second 7770 then. I may step up to a core i3 instead but I'm most likely going to go g630.

    Would you recommend this motherboard:

    If not what would you get?
  4. That will work for cfx but you might want to consider a board with a faster second slot.
  5. What resolution you using?
    Without knowing your system specs, I would recommend upgrading the cpu now and save up for a better once card gpu solution. At some point very soon you will be wanting to upgrade both the cpu and 7770 X 2 I feel.
  6. nonewsgoodnews said:

    Gigabyte will be very good. It has 8x/8x pcie support.

    For 4x and 8x, not much for low end card.
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