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Okay, I'm completely new here so apologies if I've missed a section and this thread is in the wrong place.

I've got £600 for a new computer, and I'm not quite sure which combination of CPU x GPU to get.

Here are my options:

AMD FX 8120 with Nvidia GTX 660 Ti

Intel i5 3570K with Nvidia GTX 660 (Non Ti)

I'll be open to any other suggestions that'd better my purchase, I'll be getting this one brand new from a UK custom pc retailer. (despite the category name sorry!)

I'm not quite sure if the 8120 would bottleneck the clocked version of the 660, and what better performance I'd get if I opted for the intel with the standard clocked GPU.

I'm looking to play games on a 1920x1080 resolution on a single monitor, I'd like to be able to play graphic intensive games on high to ultra settings with the possibility of fraps recordings (I'll get a fast HDD or an extra SSD later if necessary).

Thanks very much!
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  1. The FX8120 shouldn't bottleneck anything.

    I would get the i5, but I would not go for a Nvidia 660. Go for the Radeon HD7870 instead.

    Also, if you plan on overclocking, make sure that you know that you would need a CPU cooler.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    The i5 and 7870 sends me out of budget by at least £60 or else I would've got it!

    The 660 Ti looks pretty good it's just I'm not sure whether it's worth downgrading to the standard clock so I can have an intel CPU!

    Any other ideas? D:
  3. A 7850 would be my pick over a 660. It would perform better at higher resolutions.
  4. Do you think it'd be worth it to go for the FX 8120 CPU and the 7870 GPU? I could do that.
  5. It would be pretty good.

    You can also go with the i3 and a 7870 as well.
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