GTX 560 SLI Upgrade

I currently have two Asus GTX 560 (non-ti) DCII 1GB in SLI right now. They work quite well, but I am starting to run into issues with VRAM. I do not have any money to purchase new cards right now, but for future references, what would be a good upgrade that costs no more than $550. I'm looking for a vertical type of upgrade not a lateral upgrade with more VRAM. Thanks in advance.
I would prefer not replacing the power unit.
I would also prefer Nvidia, but not against ATI either.
Main goal is to max out games like Max Payne 3, GTA V when it comes out, Battlefield 3, etc.

Rest of System:
CPU: I7-3770k @ 4.3Ghz
Ram: 8Gb 1600Mhz
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  1. What resolution are you playing at?
  2. just to make sure you dont run into memory issues i would get 3gb card(s), but the minimum cards that have that are 300 bucks each, i you want to go single card i would get gtx 680, if you want to go multiple cards i would get the radeon 7950. if 2gb is fine for you(you wont run into any problems in the next 2 years) you could go with dual 7870s or dual gtx 660s (non ti)
  3. Yes, what resolution are gaming at? I have 2 x GTX 570s w/1.28GB each and have had no VRAM issues. Even Max Payne 3 allows me to play at max settings at 1920x1080. Same with BF3.
  4. My target resolution is 1920x1080. Also I don't plan to upgrade till the summer when I have enough money, but I just wanted to see what are some good options for a single card set-up. The V-ram on the gtx 560s according to GTA IV is 970 yet on the box it says 1GB, anyone know why this happens?
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