2 Dvi and 1 active dp to dvi third monitor not working

I have a radeon 6770 and I'm trying to connect 3 monitors but I'm having some trouble.

I have 2 monitors connected with dvi

and the third I baught a active DP to dvi connector ( dp into computer and dvi into monitor) but my computer won't recognize the third monitor exists.

The adapter I baught was this


If anyone has any idea how I can fix this I would appreciate it.

I'm running windows 7 64bit.
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  1. Hmm, I have had many troubles in this area myself, does Catalyst Control Center see the display at all? (even if you can't 'enable' the monitor) If not than you may have a defective adaptor.
  2. No, The CCC nor the regular "display options" notices the monitor even exists.

    I suppose I should try to connect only the dp to dvi and see if it works. To see if it is a defective adapter.
  3. Well It works now. It was my error. I had to turn off my pc unplug both dvi's turn on the pc with only dp > dvi monitor. then while the pc was on plug the other dvi's in. and it works like a charm.

    My only issue now is in a game I would like to have the other screens on something other than the game. It's duplicating the game screen on all three monitors. I was hoping to play the game on the front and have the other 2 monitors in use for videos or internet searches or whatnot..

    If you know how I can do that let me know ^_^
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