How long do graphics cards last?

Hey guys. I built a rig about a month ago with an EVGA 660 Ti (no oc). How long do graphics cards typically last without the need to upgrade? I'm a teenager so funds aren't exactly flowing so I got the best price/performance ratio card. But how long will it continue to run new games at good settings, as in keeping up with the newest games and supposedly Unreal Engine 4? At what point will I need to either upgrade or SLI my 660 ti?
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  1. If you buys a new graphics card, you shouldn't have to upgrade it for at least a few years, even if you are gaming and such. :)
    an SLI addition later down the track would also be a good idea, you get the extra power, and by that stage the card will be cheaper.
  2. That 660ti should last you a couple years before you get the itch. You can always try SLI if your board does X8,x8 or better. My 2 old GTX 570s are still gaming at max settings @ 1920x1080 in every game I've tried.
  3. I still have my 9800GTX+ kicking around in my desktop that I've had since 2008. It can't do Ultra settings but it can play GW2 on High and most other games on Medium/High when coupled with my 3Ghz Q6600.

    The 9800GTX+ was the best single-GPU solution available at the time, too, and I'll only replace it when I can't play on Medium anymore or it dies (not playing on Medium will come soon, I know). I don't have DX11 but I just want to play the games at 1080p, and the card still does fine.
  4. Whatever buy, just keep a upgrade path for SLI/Crossfire for future.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm thinking I'm gonna keep this card till either Maxwell or the architecture after that (2016). Hopefully Maxwell will give me enough of a reason to upgrade though :na:
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