My pc wont connect to any wifi usb adaptors

Hi I am trying to install a Belkin N600 to a Windows 7 desktop with no luck. When I run the setup off the install disk it attempts to install the driver needed for the N600, but every time it fails the install stating that the device is not functioning. When I connect the N600 to my computer it sees the device but its almost like my usb ports are not powering the device even tho I have connected a lash drive to all of my ports to make sure they were working, and they are( All usb ports are 2.0). I am lost please help.
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  1. Did you try connecting the device in USB port at the back of desktop.
  2. Yes. I have tried all of my ports, even hooked up a powered external one just for laughs. The device shows up under network adapters as "play wireless usb adapter". When I go into the properties and check the status of the device it says there are no drivers installed for this device. When I try to update the driver it downloads it, then it starts to install, and then it says Windows can not install driver. Windows can not detect usb adapter.
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