7950 twin frozr vs gtx 570

Hi guys new to this site but i was wandering i have a GTX 570 and was wandering if the switch to a MSI 7950 Twin Frozr would be an upgrade or a downgrade or just stay the same. The thing is my CPU is AMD and my graphics card is Not so to me it would make sense to get a AMD graphics card.

Computer Set up: AMD FX-8120, Asus Sabertooth 990fx, 8GB Gskill DDR3, Evga Gtx 570 1.25 mb, Corsair 700 watt PS.
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  1. I use an AMD and a gtx 570 and it works for me. I think it's really just preference.
  2. HD 7950 is an upgrade over the GTX 570 but not by lots....
    by quite a lot but the HD 7970 is a better upgrade for you if finances permit..
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