Disabling mobile APU graphics to use the discrete graphics card

I have a 14" samsung NP355V4C with:

APU: AMD A10-4600m 2.3GHz
GPU: Dual Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7660G and AMD Radeon HD 7670m 1gb DDR3
RAM: 6GB @1600MHz

! was wondering if there was a way to disable the APU graphics and use the HD 7670m instead. Also, i've read in one forum that disabling dual graphics through AMD Vision Control Center and setting the power option to "High Performance" will automatically switch from using the APU graphics to the 7670m is this true?

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    I also wanted to do exactly the same thing and YES, disabling dual graphics in AMDVCC and setting the power option to high performance for the particular program you want to run does work. This causes the discrete GPU to bear all the graphics processing load. I used "GPU temp" to confirm this. I was playing black ops 2 on high performance with dual graphics disabled and checked the GPU load via "GPU temp" and came to the conclusion that only the discrete GPU is being used for graphics processing.

    This as a result drastically improved graphics performance as compared to when dual graphics is enabled in the sense that micro stuttering is practically absent.

    Cheers =)
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