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Hi !
I'm thinking of updating my setup, so I've been searching all I could for advices, benchmarks and so on. But there are so many informations out there that after a few days searching, I decided to come here :) So many people says so many diferent things....that you have to come down to what is most said.
I almost ONLY play games.

Here is my actual setup:
Cooler Master ATCS 840
Corsair HX - 750W
Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD6
Intel® X25-M 80 Go "PostVille"
Intel® Core™ i7 860 OC @ 4.0Ghz (190*21)
Noctua NH-U12P SE2
Asus GeForce GTX 670 DCU II - 2 Go (GTX670-DC2-2GD5)
G.Skill Kit Extreme3 2 x 4 Go PC12800 Ripjaws X CAS9

IIYAMA 27" ProLite B2776HDS-B1
Acer 23.6" GD245HQB (120Hz)

I feel my PC performance isn't where it should be / doesn't have enough fps / can't max settings on many last games (like BF3, PS2, GW2). I want smooth gaming at MAX ultra settings. For exemple in PS2 i strugggle at 40 fps top. Sometimes it drops to 20 fps or below. Same for Guild Wars 2. I can't play in those conditions :/

My budget is around 1000$ (800€).

Solutions I've though of so far:

- Upgrading cpu + mobo
First I've been looking into the benefits that could bring an i7 3770K + z77 sabertooth compared to my oced i7 860. I ended up on this topic : http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2257414
It shows that upgrading to 3770K would improve performance by around 5 to 15% maximum (it says up to 20% but my cpu has greater oc so I should get around 15% or less). For 510€ (665$) it feels a bit expensive.

- SLI ?:
Maybe the way to go is adding another GTX 670 (I will later anyway when price drop). But with my monitors I don't go over 1080p, and I read that SLI is only useful for higher resolution (1080p+). Should I get a 1080p+ monitor ? Or maybe SLI would just be usefull to get to 120 fps so I can use my 120hz Monitor fully ?

- SSD :
From user feedback, upgrading their SSD from 1st gen Intel® X25-M 80 to anything new didn't really improve performance, except in benchmarks....I don't care about benchs.

- Overclocking more:
Then I thought maybe I can overclock my i7 860 further more with a better cooling (the noctua NH-U12P SE2 is still one of the best cooler from the benchs I've read). So I looked to maybe buy a H100i or NH-D14, then maybe I could gain 10° to 15° and OC it further. (Actual temps are 43 idle, 65-70 under load) BUT a problem arised, I'm already very close to max VTT/QPI (1.3) and VCORE (1.375). So even with better cooling i can't oc it more and those 200 or 400 of more Mhz won't add a lot of Performance maybe 5%? I think it's not worth it.

- More Ram :
Definitely won't help improving performance, 8GB is more than enough from what I read everywhere.

I'm also not against buying a 3rd monitor if I can find the best one for gaming, but I think mines are good atm.

I only use my pc for games.
I want to upgrade my pc to a setup where I can have max settings, 120+ fps if possible (so I can use my 120Hz fully).
I don't want to spend hundreds dollars for 5% improvements.
I'm open to new cpu mobo, SLI solutions, or anything.

Thanks for reading and helping.
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  1. Games do not make use of Hyper Threading so there is no real reason to buy an i7-3770k is playing games is the primary purpose. See following review for benchmarks of the Core i5-3570k (no HT) and Core i7-3770k (HT) amongst other CPUs.


    I will admit that in StarCraft 2 the i7-3770k does perform better than the i5-3570k by 3.7% or 3FPS. Generally speaking though, there is always a small margin of error of about 2% - 3% because of background processes that may be occurring which you have no control over.
  2. Thanks for the link.

    So maybe I could go Core i5-3570k + z77 mobo + another GTX670 for SLI....It's tempting for around 860€.
    However i'm not sure SLI is worth it at my resolution :/ Maybe just to get 120 fps ie 120 Hz on my 120 Hz monitor....

    Any other opinion/advice is welcome. Thanks.
  3. I'm still in the doubt on what should i get for my upgrade. It's true that i5 = i7 for gaming, but for 90$ (70€) is it worth passing on i7 ? Maybe some games will start beingg optimized with HT....
    Also SLI seems the real thing for me even if I'm not 1080p+, from benchs it seems I can double my fps with sli gtx 670, it would be nice to get to 120Hz. Or Maybe I could buy a high res monitor.

    Also about z77 motherboard, I'm torn between Asus sabertooth and Gigabyté u5h (no ASrock please, my pc seller doesnt have it).

    Every opinion is welcome.
  4. Honestly I don't think your CPU is in need of upgrading yet.
  5. I didn't think so too as I said in my original topic, but if I want high FPS in game (120+), I need SLI, and If I want SLI GTX670 I can't run it with my i7 860, or I will definitely be bottlenecked (with 1xgtx670 it's ok though I guess).
  6. Nah, it'll be fine. At least try it before investing hundreds in a new platform.
  7. Methos777 said:
    I'm still in the doubt on what should i get for my upgrade. It's true that i5 = i7 for gaming, but for 90$ (70€) is it worth passing on i7 ? Maybe some games will start beingg optimized with HT....

    HT has been around since 2002. Since then there has only been one game that I heard of which actually implemented HT. If was some sci-fi game that bombed. It was released in either 2010 or 2011.
  8. I'm still investigating what is best upgrade, getting a bit crazy about it, but it's a lot of money.

    So far investigation conclusions:
    SLI: Will improve my fps by doubling it (100% improvement overall)
    I already got 1x GTX 670.
    Cost to upgrade : 420€ (549$)

    Upgrade to i5 3570k: I will gain around 10 fps (5-10% improvement overall)
    Cost to upgrade : 220€ mobo (z77 sabertooth) + 230€ cpu (i5 3570k) = 550€ (720$)

    I could get both. But the more I look at it, the more it seems cpu+mobo isn't worth upgrading, except maybe because my Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD6 has some limitations while running SLI like reducing SATA and USB speed, i need to investigate if it is that bad or not.
    If I can keep my i7 860, maybe I can spend the money elsewhere, like a high res monitor, or a bigger/newer SSD (80Gb is kinda short).

    As always every advice is welcome :)
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