GPU/Computer doesn't recognize TV

I've searched all around the world wide web for this one and so far no luck. I'm hoping someone may have a recent answer for this.

I recently got my GeForce gtx 560 "Super Over Clock" replaced with a gtx 560 ti. With the previous GPU, I could connect my computer via mini-hdmi to TV and had no problems at all. However, the 560 ti doesn't recognize the TV.

I've gone through these steps so far:

1) Went to "Adjust Screen Resolution". Didn't work.
2) Went to Nvidia Control Panel to set up multiple displays. Didn't work.
3) I've turned off both TV and computer, plugged in hdmi cable, and still nothing showed up.

The only thing I haven't tried is a DVI to hdmi adapter, but would that give me as good of quality as mini-hdmi to hdmi?

Here are some specs including my TV

TV: 26" Sharp LCD
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce gtx 560 ti
CPU: Intel i5 2500k
MB: ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen 3

Thank you
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  1. Is the latest driver installed?
  2. How many displays are connected? Looks like the card only supports two displays at a time. Maybe the HDMI port is shared with one of the DVI ports and you have to connect the monitor to the other port.
  3. There are 2 displays connect. One of them in the Sharp LCD TV and another is a Dell CRT monitor (via DVI cable) which I'm currently using for my computer.

    I tried your suggestion and nothing changed. I'll be going to the store soon to try the DVI to hdmi cable to see if that'll work.
  4. Here's an update after purchasing a hdmi to DVI adapter:

    I was able to view my computer through both monitors (TV and Dell monitor), however I can't unplug the CRT monitor without losing video on my TV. It's still seen as the "primary" monitor even though I switched it to the TV. I've tried restarting the computer with just the TV plugged in and video does show up until I get to my login screen. At that point my TV goes back to "no signal" and doesn't recognize the computer.

    Although this could technically be considered "solved" I would like some more input to see if there's a better solution to this. It would suck to have to carry around an ancient CRT monitor with a nice TV.
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