DX79SI and graphics card asus hd7970-dc2t-3gd5

I am having 3960x and DX79SI and graphics card asus hd7970-dc2t-3gd5
i am not able to boot the computer. when i am bootiing the computer on mother board 2 digit led shows "00" duble zero and on led screen shows "0_" and stops, but i can reboot the computer useing ctl+atl+del. i can able to oparate bios. that means the computer is not in hanging mode.
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  1. Please refer to your Motherboards manual for "Error codes" as in the list of codes it will tell you what "00" does. I might be mistaken but thats either a ram or a voltage issue but its different with every board so don't take my word for it on the issue. Just read up in your motherboards manual
  2. its shows "entering into S0 State"

    but there is no any solutions for the same
  3. Hmm, would you like me to get ahold of our Intel Rep and see if he can tell you. I have knowledge on Intel's CPU's but their motherboad's i dont' have experience with
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