GTX 670 SC 4GB Problem

Hello all,

I just finished installing my gtx 670 and when booting up skyrim I noticed the textures in the menu acting weird. Loaded up a save and noticed that the textures would flicker as well. After walking around for a while it would disappear and everything would be normal. I tried some other games and noticed that it would do the same thing but it's not as bad as skyrim

Here's a couple of crappy vids.

I stressed the 670 for about 10 min till it got to 80c and there were no artifacts. I've reinstalled the game and drivers but it still happens. My 6850 ran fine the day before. You guys thinks its a faulty gpu or something else?

Rest of pc specs

i7 950 @ 3.75
Gigabyte X58 USB3
8GB of ram
Corsair 800w psu
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  1. After some testing, I can say for sure that these texture flickers/pops happen when first booting up the game. It still happens once in a while but it's not as bad when first booting up the game.

    You guys think my 670 is being bottlenecked by something.
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