Older Apple Extreme Base Station vs Asus RT-N56U

I have an EBS purchased mid-2008 (so likely not the 5th gen, etc.)

Thinking of upgrading to an Asus RT-N56U, but unsure of the real-world differences in speed I will see.

1. Will internet browsing get any faster? What about downloading files? Or is that at max anyways and locked to my ISP's speed?

2. Will internet browsing or downloading files/video get faster wirelessly? Or is that also locked to my ISP's speed?

3. What about streaming 1080p mkv files across my network from my NAS to my LAN-connected network media tanks?

The Apple EBS seems to work fine now, but just wondering if I would see a significant boost in speed all around by upgrading to the Asus?
Also, I seem to need to run the EBS in mixed mode (g/n) and not the 5.2GHz N mode because two of my devices will only operate in G mode: iPad1 & my work laptop. Any way a newer router may fix that problem to give me greater speed overall?

More info about my devices/network:
Router located in basement with all LAN ports full:
2 to networked media tanks
1 to a NAS server
1 to a local PC
1 to a local laptop (usually connected on LAN cable)

Wireless devices:
1 ipad
2 iphones
1 macbook pro

Usually at least 2 devices are going at the same time.
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