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Windows Server 2012 as a Desktop OS?

Windows 8 forums is pretty glitched up, and haven't gotten any answers yet. So I thought I would ask here.

Would I be able to use the windows server 2012 OS as a normal desktop os to play my games and use my programs? Cinema 4d, after effects, UDK game engine. That kind of stuff?

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  1. Why would you want to??

    Windows Server is built for and optimized for .......... Servers.

    A desktop OS will give you a better experience.

    Howerver, that doesn't mean it can't be done.
  2. atm cannot afford to buy a 100 dollars OS for a friends computer. So I decided to give him my server 2012 os that I got from a friend that I do not use.

    I really just want to know if it is windows 8+server features or are there key differences that make it unusable for daily use as a OS would be used form game, programs, web browsing etc.
  3. I've actually been wondering this too.
  4. Cool, not alone here. Have not been able to find good solid info on the net.
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    it will work.

    It is designed to be much more utilitarian.

    For example, will have a dressed down look, more like windows 95 than windows 7 or windows 8 with bright colors, aero, and sleek animations.
  6. Okay, just don't want to be yelled at telling me his games won't work:p Thanks!
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  8. Just be ware set up will be more difficult than with windows 7 or 8, much more to customize, certain features may need to be enabled manually, drivers might be different. That being said though, it can work.
  9. "it will work.

    It is designed to be much more utilitarian."

    This is not 100% true... Server OS designed to do server stuff, not all the stuff.

    Games is a good example....

    Nvidia Geforce and AMD Catalyst drivers DO NOT support MS server OS. Only their Quadro and FirePro support server OS. Unless you are stupid enough to buy those overpriced GPU rather than save $100 for a desktop OS.
  10. it works just fine :), it is no any different than normal destkop os, the only difference is the preset settings.
    For example classic style, no auto restart on windows updates and so on.
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