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I'm currently working remotely as a developer in Costa Rica. I have ADSL as my primary internet connection and also share my landlord's wifi (a radio broadband connection) as a backup. My DSL connection goes down for brief periods several times in a day. The backup connection also goes down regularly for short periods. I am in good 3G territory and am considering purchasing a USB 3G card as a third fallback option.
My largest concern is that the connection will go down during Skype conferences with my clients (which has been happening regularly).
Is there any way that I could configure the three connections to seamlessly support each other in case one or two are interrupted during a Skype call, without dropping the call? My primary connection is ethernet, secondary is wifi, and third will be via the usb 3G card. I am running Windows 7.
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  1. there is no easy way to do three connection but can be done by using on of these types of router for your DSL and 3G modem
  2. Thanks, Emerald for the lead -- I will see if I can get a hold of one of these. I appreciate the help.
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