Dads computer is locking up

hey guys. my dads computer is locking up. everything stays on the screen but mouse and keyboard stop responding. the computer does it while he is doing is normal stuff ( faceboook, word etc). I think it's the hard drive but I have no way of knowing for sure. when we turn it off and back on, it ask if we want to restore it. if we do it completes the restore then when it's logging into windows (where windows 7 logo comes up) it freezes for like 5 mins. then starts up. it only does that after it has locked up while in windows

the computers spec's are e6600 duel core, i680 sli motherboard, windows 7, 460 gtx, a 256 raptor drive..and a corsair 620 watt psu.
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  1. It's not the hard drive. If the drive stopped responding, Windows would display an error.
    A full halt is usually caused by a configuration problem in the operating system or by overheating components like the CPU, RAM, or GPU. Have you checked the temperature of the various parts of the system?
  2. I will load some programs on his to check that stuff. why kinda configurations errors would cause it?
  3. Registry errors, corrupted files, malware etc. Better to try to isolate a hardware problem first.
  4. i checked his temps, they're all good. i felt the ram and it was cool. I checked his windows errors and he had some errors related to the nvidia services and a few about his printer and some others. he is getting 2-3 errors each boot up it seems. I think i will try to reinstall the video card drivers with the newest ones. those are older drivers.
  5. ive ran hard disk scan too but the problem is still there. checked for malware, none found. im afraid to mess with registry cleaners cause they seem to cause more problems than they fix. tonight i am going to run memtest over time. then tomorrow night I will run a cpu stress test.
  6. Old unstable drivers have often been known to cause problems like this. I always prefer to test the hardware first since it's easier. Memtest and a CPU stress test are a great place to start.
    If everything checks out OK, update all the drivers and see what happens. If the problems persist, check for a BIOS update. If that still won't solve it, a re-install of Windows is the most certain way of fixing the problem and sometimes takes less time than tracking down an elusive bug.
  7. all the drivers but the video card are up to date(it's the version before to current). the bios is up to date too i think. I reformatted it not long ago so thats why i know they're still up to date. I dont think there has been a update for them anyway in 1-2 years. I hope to fix this for him, cause he likes to write and each time it locks up he is losing his stuff. when ivy bridge comes out i am upgrading my computer and giving mine I am using now.
  8. i changed out the sata cord and switched ports too, it has not locked up yet today. I think it might have been the cord but I would have to test the two first. I am gonna run prime tonight to see if it passes
  9. did you remove all the old graphic driver before the install of the new one for the graphic card for a registery cleaner use this free version one
  10. aye, i did.
  11. if you use the first sata port with this new cable did you get bsod
  12. not tried yet. playing tera atm lol. I just left his computer alone for the time being. he said stuff was opening alot faster too with that new cable/port.
  13. come back if something go wrong
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