Building a new PC, would appreciate feedback

Hey all, anyone who likes to give opinion is welcome here. I would appreciate some feedback. That link above is the wishlist I've put together for a new PC. I'm looking towards gaming. Games I'm looking at are Far Cry 3, Dishonored, Skyrim, The Witcher 1 and 2, and especially Guild Wars 2.

I have built PCs before so I am comfortable with the process, but they were always kits so if you see something stupid please let me know. My budget is about $850. I tried to get a good power supply from a good company and sunk most of my budget into processor and graphics card.

I am going to be playing on a 50" LCD 60 hz flatscreen TV. I have my OS, software, and all other concerns taken care of. I do want blu ray because this will be taking the place of a PS3 I had planned to buy. The large HD is because of media storage since this will be my primary entertainment device. To avoid my kids handling discs I tend to install a lot of movies for them to the hard drive.
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  2. If this is a gaming/media center pc, you may want to forget about the extra fans(more noise). You might consider a different case like a cooler master haf 912 or an antec three hundred two(no distracting bright LEDs when you turn down the lights to watch a movie). The boxed intel processor comes with a heat sink fan and thermal interface material, so you could skip the arctic silver. Your blu ray combo drive already reads and burns CDs/DVDs in addition to playing back blu ray disks, so I'm not seeing the reason for another dvd burner. Honestly, that corsair tx650 is overkill for a psu, imo. Something like an xfx 550w would cost less, be more than enough to upgrade your graphics card in the future, and will last a long time. You could go even cheaper with something like a corsair cx430, but you'd have a harder time putting in a more power hungry gpu in the future(if you were so inclined). Hope this helps.
  3. Sometimes I get set in old ways of computing. Even though I haven't burnt from disc to disc in years I still instinctually want dual drives for doing that. I had noticed blu-ray was a burner and had considered removing the other drive myself. After thinking about it I did because I realized I haven't burnt from disc to disc in over 5 years. Usually I mount an ISO and burn from that. I will look at other power supplies in the 550w range.
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