VGA from desktop to laptop = fried laptop?

Hello all, this is my first post here seeing as I cannot find further information on this issue anywhere. I fix pc's for locals to generate a little extra cash. I picked up a tower from a woman the other day that was giving her the driver does not support aero message after upgrading to windows 7. Thinking this should be an easy fix, I decided to plug it in to my laptop's VGA instead of diving out a monitor (currently in the middle of moving) and as soon as the connections touched there was a big arc spark, rendering my laptop completely useless.

She has not mentioned any other video issues other than the error message, the VGA on the laptop is used regularly, and the desktop still starts normally but I am afraid to plug the thing into anything else until I can isolate the issue.

I guess what I'm asking is has anyone ever heard of this or have any idea what would cause it?

My roommate has complained about going through a few light bulbs and suspects poor wiring in the home, but I am not convinced.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Dan
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  1. Ok, I'm haveing a hard time understanding your setup.
    You have a laptop that has a VGA input?
    You connected the customer's tower' VGA output to a laptop's VGA input?
    Is that correct?
    Either way, the laptop is fried.
    I just haven't seen a laptop with a VGA input, it's usually VGA output.
  2. Yea I have both in and out on the laptop video card trying to use the in on the laptop as the monitor and went from tower out to laptop VGA in and kaboom!
  3. Were you trying to use the laptop's VGA out as a VGA in or is the laptop's VGA port actually marketed as an in?

    In most cases the VGA port is one direction only; that is you can only send signals out of it. It shouldn't have fried your laptop though.

    EDIT: What model laptop is it? I can't say i've seen one with VGA in so curious.
  4. It's a dell studio 15 something that I've more or less frankensteined together but I've used the port as an in and worked fine as long as I set the card settings properly
  5. Interesting. I doubt there's much you can do to fix it though. Was your laptop plugged in at the time?
  6. Ive NEVER heard of nor seen a lapy with a vga in always out.. always..
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