7950 Crossfire enough to run 3 1080p monitors?

Hi originally I have already planned to get the Sapphire vapor-x 7970 ghz edition in 2 way crossfire.

However the 7950 came across on the website i was looking at about £110-130 cheaper!

So I really really want to know how the 7950 is doing, compare to 7970 ghz

Mainly the question are

1) Did the 7950 got the driver and increase its performance like the 7970 did as well?

2) Compute performance of 7950? maya, 3ds max, primiere pro, photoshop

I am running 3 1080p monitor, and for the same money, I could even get 3way 7950 cf vs 2 way 7970ghz

Which do you recommend? Note that 3d software performance is as important as gaming to me
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  1. 1.) all the HD 7xxx series cards got a performance boost from the drivers

    2.) it would perform the same like a HD 7970 would

    ok i recommend the HD 7950 cross fire to save a few bucks as they can be oc'd past a HD 7970 performance and would destroy games on 3x monitors
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