Please help with install of Win 7 (genuine XP, non genuine Vista)

Hello and thank you for your possible help.

I am looking to upgrade to Windows 7, I have read and read and read about how to upgrade, which version to buy, and all the ins and outs I could find, but I haven't found a (reliable) solution for my personal, possibly unique situation. I will try to keep this as quick as possible.

I had a computer with windows xp installed, well the motherboard broke on me so it was unusable. I swapped all the parts I could to a new "build" this included pretty much everything except the motherboard. That was all good, everything worked again. I am into gaming and wanted a more powerful computer, so I bought a used gaming pc from someone at my school.

From these two computers I put together the best combination I could, the computer I bought had windows vista installed, so I decided to go with that, plus I wasn't sure if the hard drive containing my XP was infected with a virus. Couple months later I started having some problems, hardware related-although I am not sure what specific part. Basically ended up not being able to use the computer for months, didn't fix it or anything. So just recently I purchased new parts and assembled a new build, except I took my hard drive from my last computer (that just broke) and installed it into my new build. The hard drive worked fine, all my files were there and I had no problems like I did with my other computer. Only problem is that when I tried updating Vista, none of the service packs would install, at first I wasn't sure why, then sure enough it says that my copy of vista isn't genuine! this was certainly a surprise to me, I have been using it ever since, but I want to upgrade to Win7. I would even go back to my legitimate XP, but I have lost my system backup disc (I have moved 3 times since I last used it) and I fear if I put it my hard drive containing XP I would contract a virus, plus I would need to do a clean install of Win7 anyway.

So now I am wondering how I could upgrade, I have read through all of the windows license agreements and I am confident that my valid XP license qualifies me to use a windows 7 upgrade and I can purchase one through my school for pretty cheap. Only problem being that my current build doesn't include a CD/DVD drive, because the one I have is only connectable through IDE, which my new mobo does not support. I do have access to usb though.

So my real question is how would I go about upgrading?
right now I have 2 hard drives, one is 160gb formatted C: and D: partition C: has the non genuine Vista, D: has all my applications and stuff. While my other 500gb drive is E: and F: partition E: has all my steam games and other games, while F is blank. Where would I install win7 to? I need to do a clean install since I can't validate my windows XP at this time, how do I remove Vista? and do I need to have the Vista installed while I am installing Win7? If anyone has a guide or instructions on how to do so that would be great, I see a few different guides for doing it with a bootable usb drive, but I don't know what the best way to do so is. If anyone could help that would be immensely great and appreciated, thanks for your time!
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  1. If you buy a retail or OEM version of win 7, then you can pop the disk in and install and it will overwrite everything and give you a feash install of win 7. If you buy the upgrade version, then you must have a previous windows version on the hard drive, then update it from there.

    Hope this helps...
  2. Yes I was going to buy an OEM, but I do not have a disc drive, plus the upgrade is half as much, and you can clean install with it (only way to upgrade from XP to 7 is clean install). Just not sure of the process like how to do it and where to install it and what to do with my currently installed Vista.
  3. When you pop in the disk, it will get rid of all partitions and overwrite any data on it. So you will have a clean hard drive.

    As for the vista. Overwrite it, it isn't legit and you don't want it on your system.

    (It is also possible to install from flash drive, but a disk drive is only 20 bucks.)
  4. Are you sure the school doesn't sell a full version? Normally they are licensed to students as full versions and the license stays valid as long as you are in school or graduate. Our full versions were something like 20 bucks for vista and XP.
  5. Apparently, neither of the other two can "accept" the fact that you don't have a CD/DVD drive, and thus cannot just "pop in the disk".

    However, without a DVD drive, how are you expecting to install Win7, which comes on a DVD disc? Can you spare $20 for a SATA CD/DVD drive? You will need it to install games too, unless you are downloading them from Steam or something.
  6. DXRick said:
    Apparently, neither of the other two can "accept" the fact that you don't have a CD/DVD drive, and thus cannot just "pop in the disk".

    The fact that he doesn't have a disk drive is irrelevant at this point as he doesn't have a copy of windows 7 to install yet. Pardon us for addressing the actual issue? He needs a DVD drive, either on his PC or access to one to create the bootable USB which he already found guides to. Kinda obvious and was already said.
  7. Thanks for the replies!

    I have a drive on my laptop that I could use, as far as my desktop- I do not have a drive, I have ordered one, but it will not be here for a few days at least. I could create a bootable USB if someone could point me to a reliable guide, I have found one just googling:
    I am just not sure what to do once I create it, as far as where to install it- which partition, and what to do with the vista installed on my C: drive, like if there is a way to just uninstall it.

    I don't know about my school having full windows licenses, I go to UW-Madison, so you would think they could do that, but the only thing I can find in their software store is the "upgrade" licenses. You can buy full licenses, but for more than it costs through Amazon or elsewhere. They don't sell XP or Vista, that would be great if they did. They literally have every other software I can think of at the student price, but only upgrade licenses to windows 7 professional and ultimate. I can only find the professional upgrade license through Microsoft also.

    So I can create a bootable usb I'm sure, I just don't know what to do with the crap I have on it right now.
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