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Hey all, thanks for the help with deciding my new builds internals.....

Ive got a decent idea about that now, but I need a bit of help with the looks for it. These include the case, mouse, and keyboard...
It was in my other post, but I think I should say it again that this is a $5000 to $6000 budget system so im not going to go nuts over price, bear that in mind.

First the keyboard.....I really like the corsair k90. This is because of the cherry reds and the macro keys. HOWEVER the one thing I dislike is that it is not fully mechanical. Does anyone know another keyboard that I would like?
The requirements are not too strict, but they still are there.
I need
Macro Keys
At least partly Mechanical(Cherry mx red or black)
Solid quality
nice looking

I know this is kind of useless, but the screen that the Logitech 619 has is awesome...A screen would be an added bonus, but not necessary.

Second the Mouse.....I'm really into cool mice. The RAT 7, Level 10 m, ect... The problem I have is finding a mouse that is both attractive and sturdy. I'm by no means a rage gamer who abuses his mouse, but except for a few, all the mice I've looked at have many reported problems not due to abuse. I know Toms gave the level 10 m a thumbs up, but apparently there are issues with it.
Ive seen the Logitech G9X, and I like it, but its too........plain for me. I might get it as an everyday mouse, but for gaming? I kinda want something more innovative.
This mouse really appealed to me as well BUT it hasn't been released yet and I have no idea when it will be released. The level 10m was also in my top 3, however due to many conflicting reviews im not so sure anymore. Does anyone have experience with it? Also, propose other mice you think are good
requirements below....
I Need
A cool design
Good quality throughout
I prefer
macros are preferred
wired preferred but wireless is ok if the mouse is THAT good.

Finally the Case.....The case... well thats the entire look of your system. Fitting with the rest of this post, it has to look good. Price point isn't too much of an issue, but the new thermaltech level 10 case is a huge ripoff(as an example of what I wouldn't buy because of price). Ones I have seen and am considering-RV02-E(with usb 3.0 design), HAFX, and Thor v2. Tell me other ones you like also.
I Need
USB 3.0
Able to fit ATX, E-ATX preferred(Rampage IV Extreme can fit in ATX but only barely)
Good cooling(I an replace the fans if needed)
I Prefer
Easier USB access the better(but as you can see I will settle for 2 easy access only- RV02-E)
External Sata is nice but is only an added bonus, if the case has it, great, if not, o well

thanks for any input you give me!
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  1. 1.steelseries makes good keyboards
    2.razer naga or deathadder
    3. like the rv02e
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