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I have posted a previous thread asking about builds with an FX cpu, but I've been thinking about a build including a slightly worse cpu but better Gpu. Thank You For All Your Input, and here are my ideas. Also, will this build get 200+ Fps on minecraft Max settings?

Cpu: Amd Phenom x6 1045T 105$

Mobo:MSI 990FXA-GD80V2 Motherboard 160$

Gpu:XFX FX-775A-ZNP4 AMD Radeon HD 7750 Core Edition Video Card 100$

Ram: Patriot G2 Series 8GB (2x4) 40$

Hard Drive: WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB Desktop Hard Drive 80$

Psu:Coolmax ZU Series ZU-700B Power Supply 700 watt 50$

Case:Thermaltake VM30001W2Z V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Gaming Case 35$

If there's anything I've missed please feel free to tell me. :D Total=570$
P.S I would also like some feedback if this is a good build or not? ;)
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  1. I may Switch the Phenom out for the six core FX. Would this be a good choice?
  2. Well i am a intel guy so i won't say rather it's good or not lol but that power supply is not reliable
  3. I see, can you give any suggestions on a better one?
  4. I have chosen another PSU. Here it is

    its 650 w modular and 80+ rated
  5. Seasonic or xfx
  6. gamerzr said:
    I have chosen another PSU. Here it is

    its 650 w modular and 80+ rated
    not reliable look here Tier 5 - Thermaltake TR2 (and TR2-RX)
  7. Thank you:) Do you think that my current build will run current games and minecraft at 200+Fps?
  8. I don't know because i don't have that game.
  9. Your build looks reasonable, if you have no intention to overclock, get a 500W RELIABLE PSU such as XFX or seasonic as big said. I have a Pentium 4 and GeForce 210 and get ~40 fps on mc? I dont see the reason for 200+ fps but your build will run it smooth.
  10. I'm looking for around 200+ fps so that i can still get a good amount of stable fps when recording with fraps. :)
  11. I would suggest a phenom 2 x4 965be and a 7770. I get about 180 fps in minecraft with all settings up.

    A 7750 will run modern games on low/medium settings. Minecraft is a very easy game to max out.

    If you want high settings you will have to spring for a 7770 at the minimum and that will only be medium/high settings in most games.

    The 7750 is a pretty weak card.
  12. Cool, I'll look into it
  13. also, minecraft only uses one core. So a 965BE will outperform a 1045T decently well.

    Don't forget that for all games besides minecraft, the performance chart goes 90% GPU 10% CPU.
  14. I see, so if that's true I should look into a better Gpu. One More question, will upgrading to an Fx cpu cause any difference in Fps?
  15. There will be basically no difference at all going to an fx chip.
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