Gaming card around 10000 inr

hello everyone,i need some help in buying good gaming graphics card
i wanna play nfs the run and bf3 at 1600*900 res at around 25 fps in ultra settings
i had a look at the sapphire hd7770 oc edition but i am not sure if i can get what i want
So, please suggest me a good card below 11000 indian rupees. My budget is capped.
My system specs are
C2D E7500 @2.93 Ghz (OCed to 3.33Ghz)
4 GB 1333Mhz Ram
ASUS P5G41TM-LX3 mobo

note: i use for my shoppings
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  1. HD7770,

    This one from Sapphire Most powerful HD7770 outta the box
  2. so you are sure i will get great performance with my C2D
  3. Stop worrying about your CPU and just grab the GPU :P
    it'll work just fine, CPU bottleneck is overrated
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