A hard decision. plz help.

I just updated my rig with new i5 3570k, 8gb of Ram and AsRock Pro3 and XFX HD6950 2gb, and now I'm starting to wonder will my GPU be adequate since I want to payl 1920 x1080 games with max settings. If I change my 6950 to 7970, will there be a significant change on my performances? I don't know a single thing about over clocking, but I was able to boost my already 830 MHz and 1300 MHz clocks up to 840 and 1325 with CCC, ingame 'bout 1~2% increase in fraps.
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  1. Okay well, I'm not so clear on what you're trying to do here. Are you asking whether you should update your hardware? Or are you asking if you should O/C your card up to the specs of a 7970? Also, if you're thinking of O/C'ing, you'll need to be a little careful of stock cooling. Some board manufacturers like to put shoddy heatsinks on. I've seen a 6xxx series card that didn't even have a fan!
  2. Before spending a lot of money, see how your performance is. Lowering a setting or two from "SuperUltraMaxOhWow!" to "High" seems a reasonable price to pay to avoid spending another $400.
  3. No, I'm not trying to oc since I really don't know anything about it. I was just observing CCC capabilities and just happended to use AMD OverDrive settings. I'm thinking of upgrading my rig further. This just seems dumb, since I just upgraded. in a like a month or so, but yet again I'm not 100% satisfied on this rig as I'm thinking that could my performance be even better with 7970. So is there a big difference between 6950 ( or if clocked to 7970 ) and 7970?
  4. Of course there is a difference, but you need to decide if it's a difference worth spending $400 to get.
    You say you are not satisfied; what application or game is not running as well as you'd like?
  5. ok I understand your point. I ran 3d mark 11 tests and got score of 6927 overall and wasn't quite satisfied with that. I thought I could do better with this hardware setup. Also, I play bf3 and tried on ultra and wasn't able to play at all. Game stuck so bad that it almost froze entirely. I havent tried yet other games but I'm looking for crysis 2, skyrim and metro2033. In a couple of weeks new MoH.
  6. When BF3 first came out, I remember thinking how good it looked even on Medium settings. Of course, I'm enjoying GW2 on [near] max settings with my HD7870; don't do it for the benchmarks, but if you want to play games on higher settings, a HD7970 will be an improvement. You could always sell the HD6970 to lower your total cost.
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