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So I recently assembled my new pc. I watched and read lots of tutorials, followed guides word to word and the system booted on the first time. Everything was GREAT until I got my Intel SSD a week later... I installed a fresh copy of win7 64-bit on the SSD, formatted the hard drive I was using before and assigned it to a special folder to keep my movies/games/music.

And then the freezes started. It's unlike any kind of freezing up I've ever seen. I can NEVER recover from them. If I'm doing something CPU-demanding, installing a game/copying lots of files/etc, that specific application just freezes up and whatever program I try to use afterward freezes up too! This is my first time using win7 and it's not turning out to be an enjoyable experience... I remember on XP if some program froze, I would just alt-tab to another one and continue my work until the lag is gone, and that on a low-budget system too. But when I get these lags, EVERYTHING stops working. For the first few times, I thought it was just your everyday windows fail, but this keeps on happening and starting to be annoying because I can't save anything and the only option I have to get around these freezes is to push the reset button.

I haven't tested my system yet for stability (installed the SSD yesterday) but planning on running memtest86+ over the night and super-pi maybe and see if it shows anything (although I have a feeling it's not gonna show anything). So far I've only installed basic programs (nod32, MS office, itunes, spybot, daemon tools, msn, hardware drivers...) and the system is up-to-date.

I strongly believe that these lags are somehow related to the SSD installation because I haven't had this kind of lag when I had my OS on the hard drive and these freezes often occur when I install things in the folder I assigned the HD to. But they also happen on random occasions, like when I try to open a program from the taskbar...

Here are my components:
i5 CPU
XFX 5850 GPU
Intel X-25M Postville 80gb SSD
2x2gb g.skill gbrh ddr3-1333 (changed the timings to 7-7-7-21 in bios as instructed) RAM
WD caviar black 640gb HD
Samsung sh-s223b DVD writer
Antec cp-850 PSU
Antec p183 CASE
Win7 ultimate 64-bit OS

As you can see this rig SHOULD be able to run most demanding applications, although I have only worked with XP in the past so I don't know how much the OS affects this. I already played CoD: MW2 on this and it was flawless so I have a hard time believing that my system is just too "weak" for my purposes... and so I turn to you guys. I think this is all the info I can provide, let me know if you need more.
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  1. This issue is very familiar to me as well currently:
    I also use Win7 Ultimate in combination with an SSD (OCZ Vertex FW1.4) in a self build system and also get exactly the same kind of freezes. What is strange is that I get not even a hint where the problem could be (the good old BSOD gave you at least some hints what to look out for). There is also no recognisable pattern when the freeze will occur and it often happens when the computer is idle. There is also no lag upfront to warn you that the system will stop. ctr-alt-del doesn't do anything and I need to perform a hardware reset.

    The error message from the action centre is also not very descriptive to say the least:

    Windows was not properly shutdown
    The previous system shut-down at 16:24:12 on ‎20/‎01/‎2010 was unexpected.

    A lot of forum posts are hinting that this could linked to memory issues, but so far any HW diagnostics (memtest etc) are not producing any faults.
    Drivers are all updated to latest version available for Win7 64bit and I disabled all power saving features (performance mode with no power savings activated) to exclude any issues from here (as this was another area where this problem could come from...apparently reading posts from other forums).
    I have also disabled all OC features.

    As a last resort I will use my old XP (from my old HDD) next week and see if there will be problems, if not this will exclude any hardware issues and leave me with Win 7 64, Win7 64 drivers and/or SSD as possible culprits to checkout.

    Nevertheless any ideas/hints are appreciated and I'm happy to provide any additional info if this will help.
  2. Bump.
    Yeah that sounds like the same case as me and I also can't open task manager when it's frozen. And please don't tell me it's some OS related bug that we can't do anything about :[
  3. Same problem here, and I can't duplicate when the problem happens, surfing the net, games, just let the computer sit idle while I eat, took a nap today for 3 hours and it was still running fine, Memtest86 200% OK, OCCT OK, Prime95 after 4 hours produced a rounding error, unexplained BSOD's, CTD, Lockups are the hallmarks of the newest OS from MSSKS
  4. Bump again... i seem to be able to do cpu-demanding tasks in safe mode and after doing some registry cleaning, the freezes stopped occupying at random times. Still, I can't install any game without using safe mode and I have to be very careful with what I do on the pc. Does anybody have at least a clue to this?
  5. in a word NO, check the forums, it seems to be a issue with Win7, where as XP would shut down the errant program and continue, Win7 crashes
  6. just a quick update on the freezes I have experienced:

    I relaxed the memory timings below their specification in my BIOS and this seems to have fixed this problem. Still odd that memtest didn't produce any faults when run at the specified mem speed and that XP didn't had any issues with this.
  7. Thanks, I'll try this.
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