Ive been building a new pc and theres proplems starting up PLEASE HELP

i was building a new pc and i forgot to shut the power off when i was installing a new video card so when i atached the video card to the power supply there was a small spark in between the plug atached to video card and power supply plug
now when i turn the computer on it will boot for one 1sec or 2 then shut down ive lossened the motherboard
ive takein the video card out no matter what the pc boots then shuts down
ive booted it manuely incase power button was stuck on but it wasn't still boots then fails

the computer booted perfectly several times before this insatent
system specs

motherboard asrock z77 pro 3
powersupply corsiar CX600 600watts

video card radeon hd 7850 oc gigbyte
ram is 2 sticks of 4gbs G.skill
CPU core i5 3570k
cooler us hyper cooler 212 pluss
case HAF XM mid size tower case by cooler master i think
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    so when i removed the CPU cooler the CPU is not getting the right pressure apliaded to it to keep it going
    so when i put a little pressure on the CPU with my hands the computer stayed going what could this mean or dose it mean my CPU pins are broken or the CPU is damaged
    i lined it up and put it all in perfectly the way it was meant to be placed in with no touching of pins when i placed it
    in the motherboard
  2. Either - you really messed up everything or the cpu cooler just wasn't installed properly. Give me an update in the future.
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