Something wrong with preformance

My computer specs are these:

Motherboard Asus a8n SLI Deluxe
amd athalon 64 4200+
2x Sata 160gb hdd
2.5gb ram (don't know what ddr, prob 2)
radeon hd 3800

and I can't even play CS 1.6 with stable fps, or League of Legends... In League I get average 40 fps... Which should be fine, has in my previous one had average 30+ fps... but the game seems super laggy at all times, sometimes even the sound bugs out (the sound of some animations will stop for about secs or mins, but other animations will continue giving sound)

I have a problem with my hdd's configuration has I have another post about that... Could just be that giving the problem? Are the problems I'm having normal? Is the PC so bad or do I have something wrong?

If you need other information ask, and sorry for bad english.
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  2. it a pretty out date system, but should be able to play in low settings. what resolution are you playing? check temperature?
  3. The hard drive is not likely to be the problem.

    Yes, your pc is well out of date.

    2.5gb of ram is not enough.
    Even the top 38xx graphics cards are not very strong, and I suspect that is the primary cause of your problem.

    You might start with a graphics card upgrade which can eventually be carried over to a new cpu/mobo build.
  4. The CPU is weak and let down by a poor graphics card. The hard drive or memory won't effect gaming performance much. I agree with the above advice get a better graphics card until you can afford a better CPU/mobo.
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