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[Homebuilt] Blackfriday upgrade (Before and after results inside)

December 5, 2012 5:01:05 AM

Hey guys, just got all my new stuff in, setup, OCd, and benchmarked.

Before and After specs:
AMD 1090T -->> AMD FX-8150
Gigabyte 880FXA-UD5 -->> Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7
8GB GSkill 1600-->> 16GB GSkill Sniper 1888
EVGA GTX260 Core216 -->> 2x Gigabyte GTX680 SOC w/ Windforce
1x OCZ Vertex 3 120GB -->> 2x OCZ Vertex 3 120GB + WD Raptor
Noctura Cooler -->> H100i
Thermaltake ToufghPower 750W -->> Corsair AX1200i
Thermaltake Armour -->> Corsair 800D
27" Asus 2ms LCD -->> 3x Asus 2ms LCDs

I will have the new setup pictures sometime this week. Now, for the interesting benchmark results. Now, to note, I had 3x EVGAGTX260 Core 216's, but my previous motherboard only supported Crossfire. When I got my new system, I benchmarked with a single GTX260, SLI GTX260s, and Tri-SLI GTX260s, just for the hell of it (and for science!)

Now, on to the results.

To note, 3DMark06 and Vantage were not using default settings.

3DMark06 Settings:
Resolution: 1920x1090
Anti-Aliasing: 8AA (Quality: 3)
Texture Filtering: Anisotropic (Anisotropic Level: 16)

3DMark Vantage Settings:
Extreme Preset

3DMark11 Settings:

I tried to include all the CPU/GPU Settings in the spreadsheet. I have the .XLS and official .3DR files if anyone would like them.

I figured it would be interesting to see some before and after results.

3DMark06 Professional:

3DMark Vantage:


As I said above, I am trying to track down some Softboxes to take some nice pictures. I'll try to get them up this week :)