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AMD 7850 Manufacturers

Hello, I need a little help in choosing which manufacturer for the 7850. I know XFX has the best warranty and customer service, but I don't know if their single fan cards are loud and hot, because I'm pretty concerned about the idle/2d mode noise levels of these graphics cards. The other choices are HIS, Powercolor, and Visiontek. The HIS is an Iceq X, and supposedly runs at 28dba idle/2d mode and runs cool. I've heard nothing about their warranty though, does anyone have any experiences with them? Also, the XFX one I'm looking at only has a 2 year warranty, along with the others.

(I'll be gaming a 1280x1024 mostly and don't know if 1GB of vram would be enough for that and maybe texture packs on some games)

Thanks, and if you need the links:




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  1. what's your budget?
  2. Well I really don't want to spend more than $175, but if it's really worth it for something maybe $15-20 more than I'll consider it.
  3. it is $190 after rebates but it also has 2gb of memory any it is just an amazing card trust me i have had one
  4. How's the warranty/noise levels on it though?
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    warranty is 2 years and i couldn't even hear the one i had even when it was overclocked
  6. Sapphire makes the best AMD gpu's overall in my opinion.
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