Nvidia geforce gt 540m freezes

There is a problem with my Nvidia GeForce Graphic Card. First time happened after I updated the video card with the latest driver from Nvidia. Then I tried to play Guild Wars2. After 30 minutes of play the game freezed, the procees could not be turned off, and had to shut down the laptop from the button. From that moment I get this problem once at 10 minutes when I play Dota2. The problem got worse. Also when startup ( after the windows logo ) I get a blank white screen, every time I open the laptop, before the desktop to load. Please I have no idea what to do.


Dell XPS 15
Intel i5- 2410 CPU@ 2.30 GHz
System Type 64 bit
Graphics Card : Nvidia GeForce 540M
and Intel 3000
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  1. I have to say that i exactly encounter the same problem. I also have the same computer as you, a Dell XPS 15 L502X with an i5 processor and a Nvidia 540M graphics processor. I have 6GB RAM. I'd like to tell you that my problem is exactly the same and that everything that is happening to you also happens to me. I contacted Dell.They told me to install all the latest drivers and that i did. I then started to play mafia2( game on which this error occurs). I went on the mafia 2 forums and they told me that i should play the game in non fullscreen mode. This permitted me to play a bit longer. Put the definition of the game the lowest possible and as you play run the task manager to see how your processor behaves when you play. When i was playing, I got two errors at the same time. And these are the reasons of the freeze: Display Driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver version 265.94 has stopped working, and the other one is:ARA has stopped working. Therefore do not try to reboot your computer and loose all your data for nothing because Dell told me i had to replace my graphics card. So i hope this helps you and maybe try to get a new grapphics card for christams since it is coming soon! Good luck!
  2. Funny thing is that i have Dell l502x too. This is a common hardware fault for this system. This laptop's design is poor. The other issue that is common for l502x is overheating of GPU/HDD. I tried playing guild wars 2, actually i tried playing any game that requires me to run nvidia 540m. The results are that using this card on this laptop gives unstable results, i had any game crush after random amounts of time, any game that featured 3d graphics to be exact. It is sometimes possible to play GW2 for 1 hour and sometimes it freezes after 3 seconds. System specs should be sufficient for this game, however this is a design/l502x innate failure and there is not much you can do about it. I gave up pursuing the issue. No format, reinstalling of the drivers would help much.
    The only thing you could try to do is to report this issue and hopefully change your model. I wouldn't recommend buying dell's products if they are unable to meet basic expectations. How are you going to replace a graphics card in a laptop that is not 540m specifically designed for l502, clueless.
  3. I own an XPS L502x and I've had these same problems u do..

    U might be experiencing the following problems.

    # GPU crashed
    # windows kernel Nvidia graphics dirver version xxx.xx has stopped responding and has recovered
    # windows hangs and suddenly shows BSOD to restart..etc
    # anything like..

    Actually the issue is not with the GPU or the motherboard directly implied.. This is because the Laptop AC/DC charger adapter has worn out for supplying power for high performance mode GPU.. sometimes underclocking might help but this is not a permanent solution.. u maight face the problem again later in due time when the adapter worns out more. U can try the following with ur laptop.

    Remove the charger/adapter and start the game again in full performance mode, overclock it if u like do anything nut unplug the ac adapter and run the game.
    If it doesn't crash or doesn't stop and the game works smooth.. If this is the case then it is with your charging adapter and go for replacing it.

    After your charger got replaced your GPU works a smooth as never before.
  4. I again recommend you all strongly to considering replacing your charging adapter, it is entirely due to low voltage power supply of the adapter. I too had the same prob like you all do and now it is sorted out completely by replacing with a good adapter. It works 5/5!!
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