Graphics card for my screen size

Hey all I'm new here so bare with me.

My question is in your opinion what graphics card should i use for gaming.

I'm upgrading my 19" monitor to a 42" Samsung full hd

I was just going to go for a amd radeon HD 6990 because obviously it's pretty much the best.

any thoughts or suggestions? price is not an issue
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  1. The actual size of your screen doesn't really matter. 19" or 42" doesn't change a thing. What matters is the screen resolution. The 42" i'm assuming is 1080p and I can't imagine your 19" being any lower than 720p. It's the number of pixels on your screen that matters, your 19" might even have the same as the 42".

    You should provide more information about what kind of gaming your going to be doing. Just don't waste your money on a 6990 (which is not the best).
    If cost isn't an issue you should get the 7970, which is better and actually less than the 6990.
  2. metro 2033, crysis, starcraft 2, some flash browser games which the mrs play but which i cant stand (something called thirst of night I don't know women and facebook i guess lol)

    Yes my 19" was 720p new one is 1080p

    also i mainly play crysis 2 and just want it to run smooth in ultra so something geared toward that would be nice

    Thanks in advance
  3. Yea I'd agree with 1337RPG I would go with the 7970 if its cheaper then the 6990 which is essentially a CF chip. Or even perhaps a 7950.
  4. It would be helpful if I knew your other specs such as your CPU, memory, and power supply. Even if you get the best graphics card it won't mean anything unless your CPU is fast enough and you have enough memory.
  5. Cpu Intel core i7 3770k, RAM corsair vengeance 16gb 2133mhz ( I think everything prof over clocked ) corsair 850w psu
  6. yea I'd definitely would go with the 7950/70 your specs wont slow you down in the slightest
  7. Thanks a lot I've ordered the 7950 now if I can just figure out where my screwdrivers are lol
  8. Yea that should work fine. There is the same amount of ram between the 50 and 70 and the only real difference is the processors between the two cards which you will be fine going with the 50 enjoy :)
  9. Was also wondering if duel GPUs would be worth it?
  10. All truly depends on your resolution what you intend to run at. It's hard to say I'm trying to find sli numbers for metro 2033 It wouldn't really affect Starcraft much the requirements are quite low in my opinion.
  11. This review gives kind of a close up on the 7950 in Crossfire. I know that Metro 2033 is a intense resource hog so anything you throw at it will more then likely eat it up. It looks like it benefits a lot from Crossfire. That being said maybe see if your frames are good and then decide it you want another. If money isn't a option you could check out the second link a 7990 a beast of a card it is.,3123.html
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